How many points does your property have?

Rental properties fall under the Housing Evaluation System to determine whether you can rent free sector (liberalized) or rent controlled (non-liberalized). The system awards points based on various factors such as the location, energy label and size.

To have a liberalized rental your property must achieve 146 points or more. The main advantage of a liberalized / free sector rental is a freely determined basic rental price. Other advantages would be:

  • The landlord would not need to adhere to the maximum rental price increase unless otherwise agreed in the rental agreement
  • The landlord can increase the rent every 12 months
  • Increase is possible after improvements to the rental property

Non-liberalized rental property would have the disadvantage of a regulated maximum basic rent. If rented above the regulated rent, a tenant can begin a case with the Huurcommissie within the first 6 months of the rental agreement. Previous excess rent would need to be refunded and future rent would be adjusted to a regulated rent when the Huurcommissie rules in favour of the tenant. The adjusted rent could be considerably less than the original rent and actual market value.

We recommend checking the number of points before renting your property so as to assess your risks and know if you can rent free sector or rent controlled. We can arrange this along with advice on how to decrease your risk and increase the number of points.

You can find some more info about the point system here (in Dutch):


Some factors would help in your quest for more points. For example, having a AA++ energy label already receives 44 points. G on the other hand receives 0 points. You can find more info here (in Dutch):


For monuments, extra points or increased rent is available:

  • For protected Rijksmonuments, 50 points are added
  • For protected cityscapes, an extra 15% is added to the legal monthly rent

More info can be found here:



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