During Tenancy

Continued support throughout the rental.

We stay available for support during the tenancy and can act as the main point of contact for technical issues and emergencies. We can also keep in contact with the tenant to maintain satisfaction and property status. For updates, we’re able to process changes to paperwork, financials and possible extensions.

This is completely customizable based on your needs and preferences.


An often overlooked part of property rental. You can depend on us to be on top of:

Rent indexation. Implementation of annual rental price increase as per the rental agreement.

Costs adjustment. Implement changes to included service costs or prepayments such as energy, water usage or VvE.

Invoicing. Ensure tenants receive an invoice for timely rental payment. This is important when renting to a company rather than an individual.

Overdue payment. Send reminders, warnings & formal notices in the unique case of overdue amounts. We say unique because we only intend to provide reliable tenants.


To maintain your property is financially rewarding. Rental income, tenant satisfaction and property value will all be higher. As part of our maintenance options:

We suggest preventative measures and advise on how to avoid future maintenance costs before its too late.

Supervision & guidance. We can superintend any maintenance personnel.

Completion report. Inspect any work carried out. Ensure satisfaction.

We consult with you before proceeding with necessary maintenance. Optionally we can arrange minor maintenance without your consultation if more convenient for you.

Check out

As with check in,  the check out procedure is more than handing over keys.

We firstly ensure termination is in accordance to the rental agreement before confirming a check out time.

At check out, a detailed inspection report will be drawn up. This is used to determine a settlement report for the refund of deposit. Any missing inventory or defects through negligence would be expensed to the outgoing tenant.

Services such as energy, water or internet can be connected or disconnected to or from the relevant person’s name. Amounts covering Included services are calculated based on the tenant’s usage during the tenancy. A sum of the costs will be included within the settlement report.

Deep cleaning, maintenance and any other tasks can be scheduled between the incoming and outgoing tenants to ensure your property stays in tip top condition.


We will be ready and waiting to find a replacement tenant as soon as notice of termination is provided. Our overall aim will be to sustain rental income without vacancy between tenants: 100% occupancy.


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