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Connect to our network of expat companies & professionals.

Why choose SPR?


Your property will be available on all the major expat rental websites & streams.


We specialize in screening prospect tenants to ensure we provide reliable tenants.


Possibly a prospect tenant is already searching for a property like yours within our network.



Customer satisfaction is first priority when becoming your valued rental partner.

SPR as your rental partner

With more than a decade of experience we can arrange everything from beginning to end of tenancy including:

  • Extensive marketing: We bring your property to the attention of Amsterdam based international companies, expat professionals, relocation agents, rental brokers & mediators via open and closed networks, websites, social media, mailing lists and streams;
  • Accurate valuation: With the proper exposure we can ensure your property achieves a rental price up to date with market value;
  • Flexible viewings: We can conduct viewing sessions in person with pre qualified potential tenants 7 days a week, morning to night, flexible to the situation;
  • Rental contracts: We provide the most up to date Dutch & English contracts pre-approved by a rental lawyer;
  • Payment: We ensure payment of deposit and rent is made before check in;
  • Inspections: Detailed check in report and inventory will be drawn up so as to compare your property at check out;
  • Support during tenancy: Assistance is only a quick call or message away;
  • Management: We offer the option of property management as part of our service. In doing so we can act as the main point of contact for the tenant along with providing maintenance support & financial management tailored to your needs.

Here you can also find detailed info about our services Before Tenancy and During Tenancy.

Advantages of working with SPR


Higher quality tenants


Improved rental income


Professional guidance


Property management


Lower maintenance costs


Effective marketing


Friendly assistance


Tenant satisfaction


More freedom, less stress!

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